Tech Solutions

services we offer:

  • Tech Solutions
  • Computer Repair
  • New Computers
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Network Setup(Home Office)
  • Viruses Removal
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Repair
  • Operating System Re-installation
  • Water/Liquid Damage Repair
  • Malwares And Spyware

Tech Solutions

Your cumputer is alow, getting pop-ups, overheating, shutdown randomly, failing hard drive, not charging, doesn´t turn on, cracked screen, broken parts or liquid damage? Call DCNY Global Computer Services Team inmediately. We´ll resolve your software and hardware problems professionally and fast. Les Us Help Indentify Your Computer Issue!.

Computer Repair

At DCNY Global, we offer diagnostic for your computer. The diagnostic usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes with appointment. When you arrive, a tech will be ready to check out your computer. Please make sure you also know what is the problem oro your computer. In addition, our technician will provide you with the tips to maintain your computer.

New Computers

Maybe your old computer has broken and is beyond repair. As an result, a decision of purchasing a new computer is made (PC or Mac). We can help to transfer data/files (your information) to your new computer. Computer contains hazardous materials and it needs to be recycled properly. If you don't know how or where to recycle it, please bring it to us and we will recycle it for you.

Computer Upgrades

It's a great way to speed-up your machine and keep your cost low without investing in a new computer. In most cases installing extra memories (RAM), a faster CPU, a new hard drive, and/or a new video card can significantly speed up your system.

Network Setup (Home Office)

Is a great way to share files, printer, fax machine between computers in your house or office. We provide complete setup with security features. Training is also provided after the setup is completed.

Viruses Removal

Viruses are the most common infections on your computer. Your computer will act strange or start operating slowly and they can even cause damages to the computer operating system such system error pop-ups, black screen with a cursor and blue screen of death (BSOD) etc.

Laptop Screen Replacement

So many ways to damage the laptop screen. Accident happens everyday; like the laptop was dropped from a height, trying to force the laptop to fit into a small suit case and the kids hit it. Laptop screens are extremely fragile, because they are made of glass, thin crystals, and chemical liquid inside. Luckily, the screen for most laptops are replaceable.

Laptop Repair

Does your computer run super slow or perhaps have viruses? Does your computer power up, but nothing shows on the screen? Is your laptop plugged-in with a charger all the time and now the battery no longer charges? We can repair or replace failed components - Most common: Faulty Hard drive, keyboard (keys don't work), LCD screen cracked, LCD inverter board (dimmed screen), internet connection error and bad motherboard etc.

Operating System Re-installation

This is also known as Clean Installation. When you computer has infected with viruses and that has already damaged your operating system beyond fixing. This service gives you a fresh installation of NEW Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 with your option. We do all the works for you including Operating System installation, antivirus program and Microsoft Windows Updates for you. You computer will run as fast as when you just purchased it.

Water/Liquid Damage Repair

You plugged in the charger to your laptop, it's not charging nor has powers. Assuming there is no liquid/water damage to your computer; in the case, your laptop's DC Jack connection has broken apart from the motherboard. You might still able to adjust the charger in some angels to charge or power up the computer, but that isn't the permanent solution. You can damage the motherboard by doing this. Replacing the DC jack is the only long term solution.

Malwares And Spyware

They create serious threats to your computer and steal your personal information. Most Malware or Spyware is completely hidden and they run in your system silently while trying to steal your passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information and your identity. You may be receiving annoying pop-ups or maybe your hard drive is constantly working (you can hear it clicking). These are are signs that your computer could be infected with spyware. Bring your computer in to us for a check-up. We can help you to remove them and install Anti-Malware software for.